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Customer Success AdvisorsThe Customer Success Advisors are a group of established independent  consultants and firms with particular expertise in the profession and practice of Customer Success Management.

The Case for Customer Success Consulting

Yes, you can design and build a customer success team on your own.  Thousands of companies are doing exactly that, worldwide.  But there are better uses for your resources than re-inventing wheels.  While it’s possible to do the research on the development of the role yourself, time spent on that endeavor adds unnecessary delay to building a core strategic resource for your company.

Members of The Customer Success Advisors bring a focus on customer retention and increasing per-customer profitability to their work that is built upon a solid foundation of industry-wide experience, research and hands-on expertise.  They’ve helped many companies like yours to accelerate and optimize customer success teams, streamline group process and to select and implement appropriate elements of the Customer Success Technology Suite.

The Customer Success Advisors 2017

The CSM Practice

Customer Success AdvisorsThe CSM Practice offers high quality management consulting to companies that aspire for excellence in customer experience. Companies that are optimizing their customer success processes see an ongoing decrease in churn rate, an increase in customer references and an increase in customer satisfaction.

We offer consulting services in three areas:

* Strategy: create, validate or optimize your customer success strategy based on best practices.

* Technology: We offer Gainsight technology services, including packaged managed services, implementation services, optimization services or project management services to help you navigate your priorities during large Gainsight implementation projects.

* Workshops: We offer a series of onsite workshops for customer success teams, including a CSM Bootcamp (a certification program).

 Service Excellence Partners

Customer Success AdvisorsService Excellence Partners helps increase customer loyalty and business performance in the cloud computing industry. We help clients diagnose root causes of customer churn using collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative customer defection data. We help clients improve quality and value of their products and services through Value Proposition refinement and deployment, Lean Six Sigma and Strategic Management System practices. Finally, we help clients systematically strengthen customer relationships through innovative, “Mindful” Customer Experience Design practices and CSM/AM training programs. As a result, clients benefit from dramatic improvements in customer renewal, up-sell, cross-sell and referral sales.

The Success League

The Customer Success AdvisorsThe Success League is a consulting firm that works with executives who want to unlock the retention and revenue a top performing customer success team will bring to their business.  We transform support into success by building the metrics, goals, processes and training that enable customer success teams to perform at their peak.

+  Planning & Metrics – be clear about what you want to build and measure.

+  Process Design – develop playbooks and tools to create an exceptional customer experience.

+  Training & Development – make sure your team knows how to build client relationships that drive retention and revenue.

Glide Consulting

Glide ConsultingGlide Consulting was founded by Nils Vinje in early 2015 after he exceeded his targets and worked himself out of his job as a VP of Customer Success. Glide has worked with everyone from hyper-growth startups like Rainforest QA and to Oracle Marketing Cloud. In each engagement, Glide partners with its clients to put clear definition around each area of Glide’s proprietary framework called the 4 P’s of Customer Success – People, Purpose, Process and Platform. If you are interested in knowing how your CS organization compares to the world’s best and learning what you can do to improve, take a look at the CS Strategy Power-up.

 DB Kay & Associates

DB Kay AssociatesDB Kay & Associates helps Customer Success teams share knowledge more effectively with each other and with customers.  CSMs will benefit from a knowledgebase containing the collective experience of their colleagues at their fingertips, enabling them to help customers.  Customers benefit with a Self-Success portal, empowering them with knowledge to help themselves.  DB Kay guides Success teams as they adopt KCS℠, the industry best practice for capturing, improving, and using knowledge with every customer interaction.  We also help Success teams with web portal design, customer experience journey mapping, and collaborating with colleagues throughout the Services organization.

Tri Tuns LLC

Tri TunsTri Tuns LLC Consultants, experts in customer success and accelerated software adoption, have delivered superior consulting and training since 2006. We help you quickly develop your customer success (CS) program.  We offer:

Adopttec (Online Customer Success Training & Playbook): Adopttec is a customer success training and action playbook that provides your team the knowledge and time-saving tools and processes they need to help customers rapidly adopt your software.

+ Consulting: Let us help create your CS strategy, build playbooks, develop your program, and optimize your CS operations.

+ Training: Give your CS team, executives, and sales reps the CS skills they need.