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The Origins of The Customer Success Association

As the worldwide numbers of Customer Success teams and executives skyrocketed, so did the demand for actionable information and professional networking.  In March of 2007, an online site began publication about a new vision for the long-term maintenance of customer relationships in the technology industry, and quickly began attracting readers from around the world in search of insight about what should happen after the initial sale of a software product.

In September, 2011, The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn started attracting new members at the rate of 100+ every month.  It now has over 27,000.  In early 2012, local meetings of Forum members began in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Customer Success Association formally began in 2013.  The website drew over 47 thousand new visitors in 2015.  In 2016, there were over 75K, and more than 100K came in 2017.  2018 will undoubtedly bring even more as the profession continues to grow around the world.

Who Should Join?

CEO’s and members of Senior Management teams who want to build and/or develop their own CSM/Retention programs.  Practitioners, team leaders and executives of Customer Success Management groups, Implementation, Professional Services, Training and Customer Experience / Advocacy / Support departments.  Account Executives.  Investors in recurring revenue-focused businesses and especially customer retention technology vendor firms.  Anyone and everyone who wants or needs to keep current with a rapidly developing new profession and community.  The tools and resources for professional growth are here; what you can get out of them is up to you.

Benefits of Membership

Basic Membership in The Customer Success Association is free to all interested professionals.  Executive Membership dues are $95 USD per year.  (Discounts are available for multi-year commitments.) For information about Corporate Memberships or Sponsorships, please contact Mikael Blaisdell directly.

Members of The Customer Success Association have access to The Customer Success Library, where a variety of white papers and other resources are available.  Executive Members also have access to premium content in the Library as well.

In addition to The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn, and the Customer SuccessCon events, the CSA also maintains a range of resources for the worldwide Customer Success community, and offers some direct services as well:

Customer Success Magazine

The Customer Success Index

The Customer Success Directory

The Customer Success Calendar

Customer Success Conferences

Customer Success Technology

The CS Technology Vendor’s List

The Customer Success Technology Suite

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