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The Origins of The Customer Success Association

In March of 2007, an online site began publication about a new vision for the long-term maintenance of customer relationships in the technology industry.  The HotLine Magazine quickly began attracting readers from around the world in search of insight about what should happen after the initial sale of a software product.  The advent of the Software As A Service (SaaS) business model, with its fundamental shift from selling perpetual licenses to use software as a stand-alone tool over to a subscription-based product packaging of technology and expertise, sharply accelerated the demand for information and options.

In September, 2011, what had been The SaaS & Support Forum on LinkedIn became The Customer Success Management Forum — and started attracting new members at the rate of 100+ every month.  In early 2012, local meetings of Forum members began in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Similar groups have begun in Denver, Colorado and London, UK.  The common thread uniting the readership of the online publications [Customer Success Magazine and The HotLine Magazine Archive] now serving 140 countries worldwide, the currently 27,000+ worldwide members of the Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn and the participants in the local meetings is a strong desire for practical information on building and running customer retention & expansion organizations and opportunities for networking with colleagues in a fast-growing new profession.  The Customer Success Association is the response to that ongoing global need for usable information and connection with other professionals facing similar challenges.

Who Should Join?

SaaS CEO’s and members of Senior Management teams who want to build and/or develop their own CSM/Retention programs.  Practitioners, team leaders and executives of Customer Success Management groups, Implementation, Professional Services, Training and Customer Experience / Advocacy / Support departments.  Account Executives.  Investors in SaaS and especially customer retention technology vendor firms.  Anyone and everyone who wants or needs to keep current with a rapidly developing new profession and community.

Benefits of Membership

Members of The Customer Success Association have access to The Customer Success Library, where a variety of white papers, videos, templates and other resources will be made available.  For those who are interested in helping to develop the profession as a whole, working committees are being formed around such issues as standards for measuring the development of CS teams, the costs of customer success management, compensation plans/models for CSM professionals, etc. Each member may create a personal profile, and make connections amongst the other members as desired.  The CSA Mailing List is used to publish community announcements once or twice per month.  The Association also maintains the Customer Success Calendar of events of interest to the community.  The tools and resources for professional growth are here; what you can get out of them is up to you.

Joining The Customer Success Association

Membership dues are $95 USD per year, and may be tax-deductible as a professional development expense — check with your tax advisor to be sure.  Discounts are available for multi-year commitments.  For information about Corporate Memberships or Vendor Sponsorships, please contact Mikael Blaisdell directly.

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