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By Mikael Blaisdell

In addition to all of the standard approaches to publicizing an open Customer Success Manager position or for an executive CS leadership opening, the best place to advertise is in the Jobs section of The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn — and best of all, it’s free.

To post the announcement, log into your LinkedIn account and go to the Forum.  Select the Jobs tab just beneath where it normally says “Start a Conversation with your Group” and “Enter a conversation title.”  You’ll see the labels in that area change once you click on Jobs to be:  “Share a Job” and “Share a job with your group.”  Go ahead and post a brief description of your opening, and add a link to the full description on your website.  (Note: The Forum rule against putting links in new discussion topics doesn’t apply in the Jobs section!)

The announcement normally stays up about 2 weeks — but if it disappears, then just enter it again.  Once you’ve filled the position, please remove the announcement.

Here’s the link for The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn:

And this link will take you directly to the Jobs section: