Customer SuccessCon Seattle 2017 Review

By: Danae MacLeod API Support | Global CNP Payments Specialist at Spreedly October 26th, 2017.  Copyright by the author.  Republished with permission.  Original publication link:

Speaking at Customer SuccessCon events

About Customer SuccessCon Presentations The goal of Customer SuccessCon events is to build connections between executive leaders of the profession through conversations about core aspects of Customer Success group management.  The audience is CS executives — VP’s,...

Customer Success Association Services

For most organizations, the process of establishing a Customer Success team and program is unfortunately a gradual one.  Senior Management’s initial assumptions about the role give way to lessons learned.  The group’s charter is then adjusted.  The...

Customer SuccesssCon West 2017

Oakland, CA:  Thursday, January 12th 2017 Oakland Marriott Convention Center – 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 Customer SuccessCon West 2017 Schedule

SuccessCon Sponsors

Gainsight  is a Customer Success Management Solution Suite that enables companies to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and to increase the revenue performance of the existing customer base.  The technology assists senior executives, customer success...