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By Mikael Blaisdell

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The Challenge:  To build a Customer Success Group/Team that is scalable and makes a strategically significant contribution to overall corporate profitability and valuation.

To assist the ever-growing number of companies seeking to establish their own Customer Success Management groups and teams, the Customer Success Association has created the Customer Success Navigators series of seminars and events.

CSN01: The Elements of Customer Success Management

The content of this Customer Success Navigators seminar begins with Strategy, the key factor that will drive the group’s Process / workflow and determine People, the organizational structure and staffing.  In our discussion of the Technology layer, we’ll identify the various elements of the Customer Success Technology Suite and how they keep the other elements in proper alignment via appropriate data and functionality.

To ensure maximum interactivity and opportunities for networking, the size of the seminar group is limited to no more than 25 participants.  Attendees will have access to The Customer Success Navigators online forum and the resources of the Customer Success Library afterward for continued conversation and follow-up.



There are three fundamental aspects of strategy that every customer success team and executive must manage and master.  The first is the appropriate perception of the team and its role by both the customers and the rest of the company.  The second is establishing a clear and necessary connection to significant revenue streams and profitability.  The third aspect involves the acquisition, analysis and effective use of data about customers and portfolios of customer relationships.

In the Strategy session, we’ll cover:
*The Mission of Customer Success
*Metrics: Power Follows Money
*Customer Success and Real Customer Centricity
*The Data

The Process of Customer Success

In order to be able to cost-effectively grow an operational group, its activities have to be defined and repeatable at scale.  One a daily/weekly/monthly basis: What do the team members do?  How are the tasks done and what are their durations?  How many times?  What are the outcomes and what are the measurable effects on Customer Retention and Relationship Optimization?  Are there more efficient ways to accomplish the same results?

In the Process session, we’ll cover:
*The Point of Engagement: External
*Interaction Categories & Process Metrics
*Interaction/Communication Channels

The People of Customer Success

Where should the Customer Success team stand in the overall company organizational structure?  Which subsidiary roles should be a part of it? What are its relationships with Sales, Marketing and Product Development?  How are staffing levels to be determined for the team?  What skills and knowledge will be needed?

In the People session, we’ll cover:
*The Point of Engagement: Internal
*The Customer Success Executive
*The Components of the Customer Success team
*Staffing & Compensation

The Customer Success Technology Suite

Currently, the dominant technology product in the Customer Success space is Excel.  While spreadsheets are a useful resource, they won’t serve all of the needs for data and functionality of a scalable team in tracking value, application engagement, customer intelligence and/or the management of the Customer Success team as such.

In the Technology session, we’ll cover:
*The Components of the Customer Success Technology Suite
*The Customer Success Technology Vendors

 Course Availability

The Elements of Customer Success seminar is presented periodically in various locations, and may also be delivered on site as a customized workshop for individual company teams.  For more information, please use the Contact links in the menu below.