Customer Success Association
For the Management of Customer Lifetime Value
Executive Director: Mikael BlaisdellContact CSA

The purpose of The Customer Success Association sites and pages is to provide visitors and members with the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information we can about the profession and practices of Customer Success Management.  Towards that end, we monitor what brings people to our sites (external links, search engine queries, etc.) and what is read (page views, links followed, etc.) so that we can improve and extend our resources.

In time, we hope to be able to offer content suggestions to you based on what you’ve viewed before and/or what we know in general about what similar readers are accessing.

As with the research that we do, we never provide information about individuals to anyone; only aggregate data is used for reporting.  The only exception to that policy is for contact data about registrants to the Customer SuccessCon events, which is furnished to sponsors of the individual events for their use in one mailing.

If you have questions or concerns about the data we collect from site visits, etc., please contact us.