Customer Success Recruiting

The ever-increasing numbers of new Customer Success teams being formed worldwide by companies of all types and sizes has created a skyrocketing demand for qualified professionals.

For a map of Customer Success position categories with the names of the recruiting firms that work to fill these roles, see: The Customer Success Recruiting Map.

Customer Success Position Postings

Any member of the Customer Success Association may post a job announcement in The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn as a comment in the Jobs discussion thread for free. The discussion topic is renewed at the beginning of each new month, your job announcements will need to be re-posted as appropriate.  (Position announcements may also be posted as Jobs in general across LinkedIn and in The Customer Success Forum by contracting directly with LinkedIn.)  


Customer Success Search Firms – Updated on: 2/27/24

The following firms offer recruiting services to companies looking for qualified candidates for Customer Success roles:


Customer Focused

Dana Soza

Greenwich Harbor Partners

Jarden AI


Melo Associates



Stegman Recruiting and Consulting LLC


Swing Search and Talent

Take2 ai

Zelda Recruiting

Zelda logoZelda Recruiting is a specialized recruiting firm that focuses exclusively on connecting highly skilled Customer Success professionals with top employers.


To Be listed

If you are a consultant, trainer, recruiter, or outsourcer offering services to the global customer success community, please fully complete the application form found on this link.  (There is no charge for a basic listing, which consists of your company name and a link to the appropriate page of your website.)

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