The Customer Success Technology Vendors List

[ 6/25/2024 ]

See Also:  The Customer Success Technologies Map

As a resource for the fast growing worldwide membership of The Customer Success Association, the Customer Success Technology Vendors List contains the names of all known/established providers of customer success software #CSTECH for CS professionals.  Each company name is also a link to their respective web sites if the company has completed the vendor listing application.  While listing here does not constitute an endorsement of a vendor or their product by the CSA, this is the best place to begin your search for Customer Success tools.  (To be included in the Map with a link back to their own websites, vendors are required to have specific pages on their company websites about the use of their products by Customer Success groups.  There is no charge for a basic listing on this page. To apply, please fully complete the CSTECH Application V6.

In addition to the Vendors List, the CSA also provides a more detailed list of customer success software technologies and providers.  The Customer Success Technologies Map is a listing of the elements of the technology suite that every CS team should have, together with a list of the known vendors who offer products in each functional area.  You can also search using The Customer Success Index.


Abbot          (Comm)

Absorb Software     (LMS)

Accord    (Onboarding)

AcuCall    (Support / Contact Center)

ActionIQ      (Analytics)

Ackee      (Anaytics)

Act-On     (Marketing Automation)

Adaptive Pulse   (Analytics) 

Affiniv     (Analytics)

AirCall     (Telephone)

AirDeck       (Slide Presentations, Content Mgmt)

AirTable       (Marketing Automation)

Akita          (CSP / CSMS)

Akkio          (AI / Analytics)

Align Software    ( CRM / Analytics )

aNewSpring      (LMS)

AnswerDash      (Website Analytics)

Appcues        (Analytics)

AppEQ ai   ( Analytics, Business Intelligence )

AptEdge      (Support)

Arrows      (Onboarding)

Ask ai      (Support / Communications)

Artifact        (Analytics)

Ascendo      (Support)  

Ascendr    (Onboarding)

AskNicely    (Analytics)

Atlassian     (Support)

Base    (VOC) 

Baton Technologies     (Onboarding)

Bento          (Onboarding, Knowledgebase, Communications, Proj Mgmt)

Bettermode (Formerly Tribe)    (Comm/Forums)

Bliro           (Communications: Meeting Transcriber)

Bloomfire  (Comm/Forums)

Botscrew   (Chatbot generator)

Brainstorm  (LMS)

Braze   (Communications)

BuyerAssist    (Analytics)

Callypso   (CSP /CSMS)

Candu ai       (Communications)

Capacity      (Support)

Cast app    (Communication Platform, Customer Nurturing Content)

Catalyst     (CSP / CSMS)

Centriam    (Analytics)

ChatDesk  (Support)

Chorum  (Analytics)

Churned nl   (Analytics)

Churnkey    (Analytics / Communications)

Churnly      (Analytics)

ChurnZero     (CSP / CSMS)

Circle  (Forums)

Clari  (Analytics)

ClearFeed    ( Analytics, Communications, Online Discussion, Support )

Clearscope   (Communications)

CleverBridge  (Payments)

ClientSuccess      (CSP / CSMS)

Coassemble (LMS)

CogniSaaS   (Communications, Onboarding, Proj. Mgmt)

CollaborationRoom  (Collaboration)

CommandBar  (Support)

Commune  (Communications / Forum)

CommonRoom  (Forum)

Commsor  (Forum)

CompleteCSM (AI)

Contentful  (Communications)

Contify  (Customer Intelligence)

Conversica  (Communications)

CoordinateHQ (Project Mgmt)

Cordlogue   (Analytics)

Crossbeam   (Analytics/Ecosystem)

Ctrl     (Communications Platform)

Custify           (CSP / CSMS)

Customer io   (Communications)

CustomerGauge   (Analytics – VOC)

CustomerX   (NPS)

CXcherry  (LMS)

Cx Infinity  (Communications)

DataPlant         (Analytics)

DecisionLink    (Analytics, Value Mgmt)

DemoDesk     (Communications)

Discourse    (Forums)

Docebo (LMS)

Dock   (OnBoarding)

Drift    (Communications)

E42    (Communications)

easy_CSM    (Analytics)

Ecosystems    (Value Management)

Elevio   (Support/Knowledgebase)

Enablix  (Marketing Automation)

Encompass-CX  (Analytics)

Ender Turing   (Support)

Engageful   (OnBoarding)

Engati     (Communications)

Essia       (LMS)

EverAfter ai     (Communication)

eWebinar      (Automated webinars)

Flatfile    (OnBoarding/Data Mgmt

Floik       (Videos)

Forecastable  (Ecosystem Mgmt)

Forj   (Forum)  

Frame    (Support)

Froged     (Analytics)

Front  (Communications)

Freshworks / FreshSuccess –  (Formerly Natero)   (CSP) [Not recommended]

Gainsight      (CSP / CSMS)

GetFeedback      (VOC) 

Glean    (Knowledgebase)

Gleen     (Chatbot, Knowledgebase, Communications)

Gong   (Analytics)

Groove   (Support) 

Guidde         (Customer Support Case Mgmt, Knowledgebase, Communications)

GuideCX    (Onboarding)

Habitate    (Forums)

Handoffs    (Communications)

HelpScout (Support)

Higher Logic – Vanilla Forums     (Comm/Forums)

Hivebrite   (Forums)

Hook  (Analytics)

Hubspot   (CRM)

IcebergIQ      (Analytics)

Idiomatic      (VOC / Analytics / Customer Support)

Immersa     (Analytics)

InMoment    (Analytics)

InSided        (Comm/Forums)

Intelligage    (Analytics)

Intellizence    (Analytics)

Intellum (LMS)

Intelo       (Analytics)  

Intercom    (Comm)

Involve ai       (Analytics)

IrisAgent    (Support)

Journy io    (Analytics)

Kaizan ai      (Communications Platform)

Kapta      (Acct Mgmt, CRM)

Khoros    (Forums)

Klever Insight     (Support Knowledgebase)

Knowmax     (Knowledgebase)


Lantern   (Analytics/BI)

Latviv       (CSP / CSMS)

LearnUpon   (LMS)  

LearnWorlds     (LMS)

Lessonly   (LMS)

Litmos       (LMS)

LiveAgent    (Communications)

LoopingBack   (Customer Advocacy Mgmt / Surveys)

LoopVOC      (Communications / VOC)

Loris      (Communications Analytics)

LoudnClear    (Communications Analytics)

Lumoa       (Communications Analytics) 

Matik    (Communications)

Medallia (Strikedeck)  CSP

MeetRecord   (Analytics)

MeltingSpot     (Forums / LMS)

MetricsFlare     (Support / Survey)

Mighty Networks    (Forums)

MindTouch    (Knowledge Mgmt)

Minerva   (LMS, Communications)

Mixmax     (Communications)

Mixpanel     (Analytics)

Moodle   (LMS)

Netomi    (Chatbot)

Noggin Guru    (LMS)  

Northpass (Gainsight)  (LMS)

Onboard io    (Onboarding)

OnlyBoth     (Analytics)

OnPath (Onboarding)

OnRamp   (Onboarding)

Openline    (Analytics)

Optimove   (Analytics)

Orbiit      (Forums)

Osmos    (Data Mgmt/Migration)

Pathlight   (Communications Analytics)

Paradoc  (Communications)

Parative  (Analytics)

Partanero   (CSP/CSMS)

Pendo    (Analytics, In-App Communications)

People ai      (Analytics)

Pepperform    (Survey tool)

Peritus      (Forum tools)

Planhat        (CSP / CSMS)

Plantt  (Analytics)

PlanView     (Project / ProServe Mgmt)

Precursive    (ProServe Mgmt)

ProductBoard   (Product Mgmt)

ProductFruits    (Onboarding)

Profitwell     (Analytics)

Qooper    (LMS)

Qualaroo   (Communications)

Quiq      (Communications)

Raaft     (Analytics)

Raven360     (Communications / Cancellations))

Recapped    (Onboarding / SFA)

Regie ai     (SFA)

RenewTrak    (Renewal Mgmt)

Repora      (Communications)

Retain ai     (Analytics)

Retentional   (Customer Success Plans)

Retently      (NPS / CSAT)

Reveal        (Analytics/BI/Product Adoption-Mgmt/Marketing Automation)

RevOS    (Analytics)

RevSetter    (CSP / CSMS )

Rindle     (Project Mgmt)

Rocketlane       (OnBoarding)

Sager AI    (Analytics / Customer intelligence)

Salesboom    (CRM / Support)

SatMetrix (Nice)   (VOC)

Sendoso   (Communications)

Sendspark    (Communications)

Sessions   (Communications Platform)

Skalin  (CSP)

Skilljar     (LMS)

SlapFive   (Voice of the Customer)

SmartKarrot        (CSP / CSMS)

SnapCall          (Video / Support / Onboarding / Prod Mgmt)

SnapEngage    (Chat /Virtual Assistants)

Speeqo         (Communication analytics)

Spryngtime   (Communications Chatbot)

Spyglaz     (Analytics)

Staircase ai    (CRM)

Stamp       (Analytics)

Startdeliver    (CSP / CSMS)

Status       (Onboarding)

Stonly       (Communications)

Sturdy   (Analytics)

Success4   (Analytics)

Successeve      (CSP / CRM / Analytics)

SuccessGuardian    (CSP)

SuccessKPI   (Analytics)

SugarCRM    (CRM / Support)

SuperOffice    (CRM)  

SupportLogic   (Support)

SurveySparrow   (Surveys)

Tabnam       (Surveys)  

TaskRay   (Onboarding)

TeamSuccess     (CSP / CSMS)

TeamSupport      (Support Case Mgmt)

Teamwork       (Project Mgmt)

TextExpander   (Communications)

TheLoops     (Analytics / Support)

Thena ai (Analytics)

TheySaid — formerly NuffSaid  (VOC / Surveying/Alternative to NPS)

The ROI Shop     (ROI Calculator)

Thinkific       (LMS / Forums)

Thought Industries             (Learning Management)

Threado      (Communications Analytics)

Timely   (Time Mgmt / Utilization)

TopBox     (Customer Feedback Analytics)

Truly   (CRM / Analytics)

Totango      (CSP / CSMS)

Tuto    (Support Analytics)

Twyg   (VOC)

Update     (Communications)

Upscribe   (Communications)

UserGuiding    (Communications)

UserIQ        (Analytics)

UserLane    (Product Adoption)

Userlike   (Communications) 

Usertip    (Onboarding / Product Utilization)

Userlot    (CSP CSMS)

UserVoice   (VOC)

Usetiful     (Product Adoption)

UXPressia      (Analytics / Customer Journey Mapping)

Velaris       (CSP/CSMS)

Venntive    (CRM / RevOps)

Verint         (Forums)

Viable      (Communications Analytics)

Vitally        (CSP / CSMS)

Vivantio      (Support video)

Voiceform    (Surveying)

WalkMe   (Support)

Whatfix     (Product Analytics / Communications)

Woopra    (Website / Page Analytics)

Wootric   (Analytics: NPS/CSAT/CES)

WorkRamp    (LMS)

WowTo      (Knowledgebase / Wiki)

Xperiencify   (LMS)

Y Meadows   (Support)

Yogi     (Analytics)

ZapScale    (CSP/CSMS – CRM – Analytics)

Zeda     (VOC)

Zendesk     (Support)

Zenloop     (Analytics)

Zight      (Communications)

Zoho    (CRM)

Zoom       (Communications)

ZoomIn   (Knowledge Content Mgmt)

Zowie     (Communications)


For Customer Success Technology Vendors

(To be included in the Map with a link back to their own websites, vendors are required to have specific pages on their company websites about the use of their products by Customer Success groups.  There is no charge for a basic listing on this page.  To apply for inclusion, please fully complete the CSTECH Application V6 form.)

* = Customer Success Association Vendor Partners