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Customer Success Management Consultants

There are a variety of companies offering management consulting services for the design, building, interim management and/or assessment of company CSM teams and/or for recruiting CS leaders and practitioners.


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The Customer Success Association maintains a list/catalog of known consulting services currently being offered.  Click here for more information.


The Customer Success Consultants Registry  [1/28/2019]

(Companies marked with an asterisk (*) are members of The Customer Success Advisors program.)

AHM Consulting

aicontact ltd

Ansturo, Ltd.

Astrocolossal Consulting

Brilliant Customer Success


Corporate Visions

 * CS Leadership

CSLeadershipCustomer Success Leadership offers data-driven customer success management consulting to assist CEO’s and Senior Executives to build and/or enhance their Customer Success capabilities.   Ensure you have a robust underlying infrastructure in place to meet strategic business objectives, resulting in the ability to scale in a quality, consistent and efficient manner.  A real-time, 360° view of your customers results in a capability to accurately manage successful customer retention and expansion initiatives.

Analysis & Planning:  *Readiness Analysis – Strategy, People, Process and Automation.  *Key KPIs, for churn & remediation plans.  *Customer Lifecycle definition, Health frameworks and technology evaluation

Action & Results:  *VP/Director CS mentoring & coaching, Interim executive Management.  *CSM workflow automation, Early warning systems, playbook definition. *Building, training and mentoring teams.

CSM Insight

CSM Practice Inc.

Customer Success AdvisorsThe CSM Practice offers high quality management consulting to companies that aspire for excellence in customer experience. Companies that are optimizing their customer success processes see an ongoing decrease in churn rate, an increase in customer references and an increase in customer satisfaction.  We offer consulting services in three areas:

Strategy: create, validate or optimize your customer success strategy based on best practices.

Workshops: We offer a series of onsite workshops for customer success teams, including a CSM Bootcamp (a certification program).

Technology: We offer Gainsight technology services, including packaged managed services, implementation services, optimization services or project management services to help you navigate your priorities during large Gainsight implementation projects.

Customer Imperative

Customer Growth Advisors

Customer Success Enablement

DB Kay and Associates, Inc.

Dunn Growth Experts

FT Works


Glide Consulting

Glide Consulting delivers creative solutions to customer success challenges. We partner with our clients to bring clarity and definition to each area of Glide’s 4 P’s framework – People, Purpose, Process, and Platform. Glide was founded and is led by Nils Vinje, Customer Success industry veteran and recognized thought leader.

Consulting – Deliver predictability in customer renewals and expansions.

Leadership Coaching – Take your leadership to the next level with a tailored coaching program designed just for you by an industry expert and certified coach.

Training – Enable your team to build strategic relationships with your clients that are the key to your long-term success.

Interaction Metrics

K!A CX Consulting

Lahey Consulting



Method Garage

N2 Customer Success Consulting

Outcome Leaders

Portland Customer Success

Satrix Solutions


Springboard Solutions


Success Methods

SuccessSight Consulting

*  Success Track Enterprise

Success Track Enterprise is a European based boutique consultancy specializing in strategic and operational customer success advisory services. We have developed a pragmatic framework (OPT-IN²) to help define and refine win-win customer success programmes. As a strategy for generating growth for vendors and clients, OPT-IN² applies a methodological and agile approach to building a dual growth machine across the pillars: Organisation – Processes – Tools – Information – Integration. We serve companies based or intending to set up in Europe. We propose a 5-day or 15-day analysis and customer success roadmap recommendations as well as monthly consultation packages. “May you succeed long and prosper…”

The Scale-Up Group

The Success League

ThThe Customer Success Advisorse Success League is a consulting firm that works with executives who want to unlock the retention and revenue a top performing customer success team will bring to their business.  We transform support into success by building the metrics, goals, processes and training that enable customer success teams to perform at their peak.

+  Planning & Metrics – be clear about what you want to build and measure.

+  Process Design – develop playbooks and tools to create an exceptional customer experience.

+  Training & Development – make sure your team knows how to build client relationships that drive retention and revenue.

The Ronos Group

*  The Successful Customer

The Successful Customer” is a management-consulting firm focused on the creation and optimization of Customer Success capabilities. Our methodology begins with developing a strategy that defines the role your Customer Success Organization will play in achieving your company’s business objectives. This strategy is built upon a financial foundation that enables the definition, design, and execution of tactics that deliver vastly superior results. From our experience, the reason that many customer success organizations struggle is that they jump immediately to tactics. Although tactics drive execution and results, they are not the place to start. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War:“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory… Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”!

Thought Industries

Tri Tuns

Tri TunsTri Tuns LLC Our experts in customer success and accelerated software adoption have delivered superior consulting and training since 2006. Tri Tuns enables your CS team to effectively drive and sustain full, effective user adoption of your product across your customers, so that they renew and expand.

Training (Online / In-Person / Remote / SCORM): In-depth training for CS practitioners and leaders.  Instructor-led or self-study (online or you host our SCORM compliant training materials in your LMS).

+ Workshops: Fast, dynamic, impactful programs to jump-start your efforts and help you reach your goals.

+ Consulting: Let us help create your CS strategy, build playbooks, develop your program, and optimize your CS operations.

Vital Strategies Pte Ltd

Virtual Customer Learning

Vital Strategies Pte Ltd

Waterstone Management Group

Waypoint Group

WnTD Partners

Have you retained a Customer Success Consultant?

If you have retained a consultant to assist you with any aspect of  designing, building or optimizing your Customer Success team or operations, please take a moment to describe the engagement and the results.  If you haven’t yet retained a consultant, what services would you like to see available?  (Note: This is not a prospecting scheme — we’re looking for insight as to what services are currently on offer, the results, and what resources companies might need in the future.)

The 2018 Customer Success Consulting and Resources Survey

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