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The Customer Success Association maintains a list/catalog of known consulting services currently being offered.  Click here for more information.

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There are a variety of companies offering management consulting services for the design, building, interim management and/or assessment of company CSM teams and/or for recruiting CS leaders and practitioners.  If you are offering consulting services to the worldwide Customer Success community and want to be listed on this page, please download and complete the application form here: [  CSResourceRegistryV5  ]  There is no cost for a basic listing.


The Customer Success Consultants Registry  [3/17/2023]

(Companies marked with an asterisk (*) are members of The Customer Success Advisors program.)

CSM Practice Inc.         (Consulting)

Customer Success AdvisorsCSM Practice is a customer success consulting firm offering services to increase your net retention, improve your customer satisfaction, and grow your advocacy base. We do so by providing research, advisory and technology services for SaaS and services companies who wish to achieve effective and scalable results. We offer a unique customer-centric methodology encompassing the entire customer life-cycle including customer on-boarding, solution adoption, technical support, and sales renewals. We’ll help you build and execute a winning customer success strategy, optimize your operations, and improve your productivity with automated playbooks. Partner with us to continuously find opportunities to reduce your churn, increase your NPS scores, and improve your CSM ratio quarter over quarter.

Glide Consulting        (Consulting, Training)

Glide Consulting delivers creative solutions to customer success challenges. We partner with our clients to bring clarity and definition to each area of Glide’s 4 P’s framework – People, Purpose, Process, and Platform. Glide was founded and is led by Nils Vinje, Customer Success industry veteran and recognized thought leader.

    • Consulting – Deliver predictability in customer renewals and expansions.
    • Leadership Coaching – Take your leadership to the next level with a tailored coaching program designed just for you by an industry expert and certified coach.
    • Training – Enable your team to build strategic relationships with your clients that are the key to your long-term success.

*  Growth Molecules               (Consulting, Training, Interim staffing)

Growth Molecules™, a Customer Success Advisory firm, helps companies protect and grow revenue. We do that in three ways: * We assess your current capabilities: People, Processes and Systems. * We implement new solutions: Actionable Playbooks, Technology, and Training. * We execute them: Fractional Customer Success Leadership, Success, Leadership and Support Training.

Growth Molecules™ is the ideal partner in revenue growth and customer success management. Our proven methodologies swiftly identify organizational needs, and strategically plan solutions to positively impact business outcomes. Our team of award-winning strategists are former customer success leaders who understand what it takes to increase revenue through customer success. Don’t take it from us, take it from our customers through case studies and G2 Reviews to prove it.

Service Excellence Partners        (Consulting, Training, Interim staffing)

Service Excellence PartnersService Excellence Partners specializes in advanced analytics, continuous improvement, and applying neuroscience to the customer experience.  We increase customer loyalty and expand installed base revenue for subscription-based companies (start-ups to multi billion-dollar global enterprises.) See us for:

+ Enterprise-wide change and improvement
+ Financial impact analysis
+ Customer journey design/redesign
+ Accurate Customer Health Scores
+ CSM Opportunity Identification skills training”

The Success League               (Consulting, Training)

ThThe Customer Success Advisorse Success League is a consulting firm that works with executives who want to unlock the retention and revenue a top performing customer success team will bring to their business.  We transform support into success by building the metrics, goals, processes and training that enable customer success teams to perform at their peak.

    • Planning & Metrics – be clear about what you want to build and measure.
    • Process Design – develop playbooks and tools to create an exceptional customer experience.
    • Training & Development – make sure your team knows how to build client relationships that drive retention and revenue.

3 Point LLC

AHM Consulting

Alignmint Growth Strategies

Anita Toth

Ansturo, Ltd.



CoLo Consulting

ConQuist Brazil



CSM Practice Inc.


Customer Success Enablement

Customer Success Rocket

Dana Soza

DB Kay and Associates, Inc.

Desired Path

Donna Weber

Dunn Growth Experts

Ellacott Consulting


FT Works

Glide Consulting                  (Consulting, Training)

*  Growth Molecules               (Consulting, Training, Interim staffing)

Interaction Metrics


Mikael Blaisdell & Associates, Inc.

Mikael Blaisdell and Associates Inc.Mikael Blaisdell is the founder of the Customer Success Association and of The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn.  He has done continuing research into the profession and practices of Customer Success since 2009, and shares his findings via the Customer Success Library here and in Office Hours sessions on demand.  He also assists software companies (especially CSTECH) to design and develop their company/product ecosystems.

Method Garage

N2 Customer Success Consulting

nCloud Integrators

Nistula Business Solution

Outcome Leaders

Paul Lucherini

Provan Success

SalesHackers (Brazil)

Satrix Solutions

Service Excellence Partners        (Consulting, Training, Interim staffing)

SGE Solutions


Strive Engagement

Success Chain

Success Methods

The Customer Initiative

The Successful Customer

The Success League         (Consulting, Training)

Tribe Strategy

Valuize Consulting

Waypoint Group

Wigmore IT Group

Winning By Design

WnTD Partners

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If you are a consultant, trainer, recruiter, or outsourcer offering services to the global customer success community, please download and fully complete the application form found on this link(There is no charge for a basic listing, which consists of your company name and a link to the appropriate page of your website.)

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