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“Where the Customer Success Community Begins…”

The greatest value in every professional conference or event is found in the opportunity to interact freely with other members of the community, to exchange insights, innovations, ideas and especially good questions.  This networking is vitally important to the success of individuals and their companies as well — and to the furtherance of the profession itself.  While there are a growing number of events to serve the Customer Success Community, the largest and most available gathering of CS executive (team/group leaders) professionals is found online. 

About The Customer Success Forum

Available 24 hours per day, The Customer Success Forum was founded in early 2009 to serve the needs of an emerging and fast-growing new profession.  Today. the 59,000+ members range from CEOs and CxOs to practicing customer success managers and specialists, and come from all sizes of companies from all over the world.  It is by far the largest, most visited, and fastest growing gathering of Customer Success executive professionals anywhere — offline or online.  No content-marketing, no generic fluff, no click-bait, no overt selling — just actionable information and effective exchange of insight and best-practices.  Participation in The Customer Success Forum is open to all interested professionals.  Vendors of Customer Success Management technologies and/or consulting services are very welcome to become involved, although directly promotional posts or other sales activities are not permitted at any time.

To access The Customer Success Forum, you will first need to have a LinkedIn profile.  There is no charge for creating an individual profile, and there are many benefits from having and maintaining one.  To reach the Forum, log into your LinkedIn account in a window of your browser, and then click here,  An informational page will be displayed, with a Join button in the upper right corner.  Please take a moment to read the Rules of the Forum below, or on LinkedIn after joining.

The Customer Success Forum is moderated by Mikael Blaisdell.

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The Rules of The Customer Success Forum

The Customer Success Forum is a professional discussion resource for the global customer success community.  Our group is about the challenges of establishing a Customer Success Group.  Posts and comments about other subjects will be removed.  Please stay on topic.  Content marketing in any form or overt selling is not permitted. All posts will be reviewed before being published.  When you submit a new post, you should see a message to the effect that the post has been put into the review queue.  This feature is used to space out the new stuff so that it doesn’t all arrive at once.  Please review the guidelines below before submitting a post.  If you submit something that is not appropriate, I will delete it from the queue and try to direct message you.  If you have set your preferences to not accept direct messages, so I can’t contact you, I will remove you from the group after such a submission.  I regret the necessity, but some people seem to see the number of members we have and can think only of content marketing opportunities.

*No links to external content in initial posts without prior authorization. This includes LinkedIn articles

*No overt selling either by posting or direct messaging.

*Announcements of webinars or other external events about Customer Success may be made in the Calendar thread as **comments.**

*Invitations to participate in surveys, polls, or other research may only be made with prior authorization.  This includes LinkedIn Polls — do not submit them, they won’t be published.

*Job postings may only be made as **comments** in the Customer Success Jobs thread,  There is no charge for posting jobs.

**Posts about how to get a CSM job are not appropriate except as *comments to the existing CSM thread.  Resumes may not be posted.

*Please avoid posting direct product or services comparison requests — unless we know all of your selection criteria and priorities, it’s impossible to make fair or accurate comparisons.  There is a full list of all available CSM systems The Customer Success Vendors List and a map of functions on The Customer Success Technology Suite Map page.  A list of consultants and their services may be found on The Customer Success Consultants page and The Customer Success Consulting Services catalog page.

*All members must be identifiable.  Anonymous profiles, such as an initial for last name or the name of a company, etc., will not be allowed for membership. (You’ll need to set your LinkedIn Privacy Settings so that your full name is visible to all, not just your 1st level connections.)

*The language of The Customer Success Forum is English.  If you want to post or comment in other languages, please provide an accurate  translation.

Mikael Blaisdell — Moderator: The Customer Success Forum

Getting the Most out of your Customer Success Forum Membership

As you come into the Forum via the browser on your desktop or laptop, up at the top of the central panel, you’ll see the CSA logo and our name: The Customer Success Forum. If you look just above the name, over on the right side, there is an odd arrow, a blue bell and an ellipsis . . . If you come in via the LinkedIn app on your phone or tablet, then you’ll see just the Information icon and the blue bell. Clicking on the blue bell shape will display the Manage Notifications menu, with its three options regarding alerts to be sent to you about Forum activity. The options are:

  • All new posts: Get notified about all new posts in this group.
  • Highlights: Get notified about posts from people you may know.
  • No new posts: Only get notified about activity involving you.

As we only publish 2 or 3 new posts per day — if that— I recommend that you select the All new posts option.

To find topics in The Forum, I suggest that your start with The Customer Success Forum Index thread at the top of the forum page.  It contains links to all of the standing topics, plus a selection of links to the best articles.