The Customer Success Forum

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“Where the Customer Success Community Begins…”

The greatest value in every professional conference or event is found in the opportunity to interact freely with other members of the community, to exchange insights, innovations, ideas and especially good questions.  This networking is vitally important to the success of individuals and their companies as well — and to the furtherance of the profession itself.  While there are a growing number of events to serve the Customer Success Community, the oldest and largest gathering of CS professionals is found online. 

Available 24 hours per day, The Customer Success Forum was founded in early 2009 to serve the needs of an emerging and fast-growing new profession of its own.  The 36,000+ members range from CEOs and CxOs to practicing customer success managers and specialists, and come from all sizes of companies from all over the world.  Participation in The Customer Success Forum is open to all interested professionals.  Vendors of Customer Success Management technologies are very welcome to become involved, although directly promotional posts or other sales activities are not permitted.

To access The Customer Success Forum, you will first need to have a LinkedIn profile.  There is no charge for creating an individual profile, and there are many benefits from having and maintaining one.  To reach the Forum, log into your LinkedIn account in a window of your browser, and then click here,  An informational page will be displayed, with a Join button in the upper right corner.  Please take a moment to read the Rules of the Forum after joining.

The Customer Success Forum is moderated by Mikael Blaisdell.

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