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Is My Customer Success Group At-Risk?

While your Customer Success group may be meeting all of its KPI’s, and your customers all love working with their CSMs, there is another set of customers that are even more important to satisfy: the senior management team and […]

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What Customer Success Books Should I Read?

In 2016, three people from Gainsight collaborated to produce the first published book on Customer Success.  Since then, there have been many more, and The Customer Success Association maintains a complete and up-to-date list of all of them. The […]

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How will AI Impact the Future of Customer Success?

Tech-touch, or Self-Success, is the answer to scaling Customer Success teams. But while AI, or Artificial Intelligence, will someday have a significant role in Customer Success, it will never replace the CS team. If carefully designed and implemented, AI […]

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What Is The Customer Success Blueprint?

Congratulations! You’ve just been tapped to start a brand new Customer Success group for your company. (Or to re-start a failed Customer Success group or initiative.)  Now the fun begins. Where to start?  What are the priorities?  What resources […]

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Can A Company Outsource Its Customer Success Group?

Can a company outsource its Customer Success Group?  Yes, it can, and there are several vendors who will supply services to outsource some or all of the functions of a CS group. The Catalog of Available Customer Success Outsourcer […]

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What Would Be Your Top 3 Interview Questions for a Candidate CSM?

What evidence do you have that speaks to your domain expertise and credibility in my company’s vertical market? Conference presentations, blog articles, white papers, certifications earned, awards received — please describe your professional background that would suggest to my […]

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What Are The Most Impactful Customer Success KPI’s?

How Should You Measure Customer Success? The mission of Customer Success is to increase sustainable proven value for both the customers and the company. Therefore the prime KPI for a customer success group is the value they have brought […]

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How Many Customers or Accounts Can a CSM Reasonably Handle?

The question of “how many customers/accounts per CSM?” or “What is the CSM to Customer Staffing Ratio?” is constantly being asked by harried Customer Success executives all over the world.  Everybody seems to be looking for an “industry standard” […]

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How can I get my first Customer Success Manager job?

This is a very popular question as people hear of Customer Success and realize that it’s the kind of job they’ve always wanted.  But getting that first customer success job can be a challenge. The prime attribute of a […]

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What is the Mission of Customer Success?

The Mission of Customer Success is to increase sustainable proven value for both the Customers and the Company. The essence is found in three core words: sustainable, proven, and value. The goal is increase, and the beneficiaries are the […]

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What is the Definition of Customer Success?

Customer Success is a long-term, scientifically engineered and professionally directed strategy for maximizing customer and company sustainable proven value.  Note the key words/concepts in that sentence: Long-term:  A viable, effective Customer Success team and program is not something that […]

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