The At-Risk Customer Success Group – Part 02

The questions of the Customer Success At-Risk project began in a research project in 2021 wherein veteran CS executives were asked a hypothetical question:  “If you were job-hunting, would you take this job?”  There was a list of nearly 100 points involved in designing, building, and running an effective Customer Success group.  Respondents were invited to rate each point.  Was this an absolute, deal-breaker item?  A must have?  Nice to have? And so forth.  In the process of analyzing the results, it became clear that the findings could also be applied to Customer Success groups in general — especially when the group layoffs started to spread across the global community in early 2023.  The At-Risk Customer Success Group survey form includes only the questions pertinent to the survival of the group.

The survey form groups the questions into 4 sections: Strategy, Process, People, and Technology.  To respond directly to the survey questions, click here.

The following content provides explanations for the questions and indications of their relationship to risk factors for Customer Success Groups.

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