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The ever-increasing numbers of new Customer Success teams being formed worldwide by companies of all types and sizes has created a skyrocketing demand for qualified professionals — and for recruiting firms to help find candidates to fill those positions.

To assist both hiring managers and potential applicants, the Customer Success Association maintains a Registry of Customer Success recruiting firms specializing in the field and open positions.  If you are a recruiter offering services to the customer success community, please fully complete the application form found on this link(There is no charge for a basic listing, which consists of your company name and a link to the appropriate page of your website.)

Customer Success Position Postings

There are two places where open job announcements for either executive of practitioner Customer Success professionals may be posted.

The Customer Success Recruiting Registry is maintained on the Customer Success Association site.  Click here to view the page or follow the link below.

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The Customer Success Recruiting Registry

The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn also has a jobs section.

Any member of the Customer Success Association may post a job announcement in The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn as a discussion in the Jobs section for free. Such posts will automatically expire after two weeks, but may be re-posted as many times as desired.  (Position announcements may also be posted as Jobs in general across LinkedIn and in The Customer Success Forum by contracting directly with LinkedIn.)