The First Bachelors Degree in Customer Success

Ranked by LinkedIn as growing by 736% and as being among the top fastest growing roles, the global need for Customer Success professionals is booming.  With the impact of the Covid pandemic and investment cuts, suppliers are more than ever focusing their efforts on retention rather than acquisition.  As a result, Customer Success is increasingly being perceived as essential to the basic company business models and for its strategic contribution as a major revenue driver.  At the same time, the demand for talent is skyrocketing.  To address the gap of trained and experienced candidates, Rocket School, a business school in France backed by the government, has designed and is offering the first ever Bachelors Degree in Customer Success.

Academic interest in the profession of Customer Success at the post-graduate level has been developing for some time with course offerings at at least two universities in the United States.   Rocket School’s Bachelor’s Degree, however, recognized by the French Government, is the very first undergraduate diploma of the profession to become available. The vision is to teach new professions which are in high demand in the digital era. Candidates come from a variety of backgrounds with different experiences. What really counts most in the selection process is that their personality and soft skills are a right fit for the job.

The Rocket School Bachelors Degree in Customer Success Program

Logo of the Rocket School with icon of rocketshipRocket School was founded in 2018 by Cyrille Pierre de Geyer with the backing of the French Government.

The first 2 customer success boot camps were launched in 2020 in collaboration with Sue Nabeth Moore, co-founder of Success Chain and a recognised Customer Success influencer and evangelist. These boot camps consist of a 10-day intensive course (remote during the pandemic) on customer success practices and a further 10 weeks on business fundamentals. The curriculum is based on The Customer Success Association’s definition of Customer Success as being “a long-term, scientifically engineered and professionally directed business strategy for maximizing customer and company sustainable proven profitability.”  The course material also draws on the CSA’s published CSM Competency Standard.  The budding CSMs are then immersed in internships in startups for a year and follow further bootcamp training throughout. After one year of immersion in the startup and ongoing bootcamp training, the government-recognized Bachelor’s Degree in Customer Success is awarded. The first cohort will receive their well deserved diplomas at the end of 2021.

SuccessChain logo with tag line - because it's all connected -The next customer success cohort will begin in June 2021 and Rocket School has already opened new centers around France in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, and Nantes. For further information, please contact: [email protected]

Bachelors Degree in Customer Success Candidates 2021

Pictures of Bachelors Degree in Customer Success candidates 2021

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