Customer SuccessCon History

The very first Customer SuccessCon conference took place in Boston, MA on December 5th, 2013.  The second was in Oakland, CA in early 2014 — at the Marriott Convention Center, later the site of other Customer Success events.  Since then, Customer SuccessCon events have continued in five cities: Oakland, CA, London, UK, Seattle, WA, Denver, CO, and Boston, MA.

CSCL2016From the beginning, Customer SuccessCon has been designed for one purpose: to build connections between executive leaders of the profession through conversations about core aspects of Customer Success group management.  The audience is CS executives — VP’s, Directors, Heads of CS and Managers of Customer Success (rather than customer-facing CSM’s).  We also typically have some C-level types (CEO/COO/CCO’s) and the occasional VC/Investor partners as well.  There are a maximum of 100 attendees for each event.

While various vendors of customer success technologies have sponsored Customer SuccessCon events, the conference, as is the Customer Success Association itself, is very carefully vendor-neutral.  The program sessions do not include any type of product demos or overt selling.  The speakers are senior members of the worldwide Customer Success community who are known for their demonstrated expertise.  Each “unplugged” session is both a presentation and a highly interactive opportunity to leverage the expertise of both the leader and the other attendees for your team/company challenges.

CSCE2015The program of Customer SuccessCon, however, is only the start of the value of the events.  Afterward, both participants and speakers continue the conversations in the largest and most diverse gathering of Customer Success professionals of all — The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn, where more than 26,000 members worldwide discuss all things CS all the time.

Past Customer SuccessCon Agendas


Customer SuccessCon Denver 2018

Customer SuccessCon East/Boston 2018   

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Customer SuccessCon Seattle (Spring) 2018


Customer SuccessCon Seattle 2017     (Read the review)

Customer SuccessCon East 2017

Customer SuccessCon Europe 2017

Customer SuccessCon West 2017


Customer SuccessCon East 2016

Customer SuccessCon Seattle 2016

Customer SuccessCon Europe 2016

Customer SuccessCon West 2016


Customer SuccessCon Europe 2015

Customer SuccessCon East 2015