Application for Listing in The Customer Success Technology Registry

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While remaining strictly vendor-neutral, The Customer Success Association offers a product/market review service for CSTECH vendors in which we analyze and respond to product features/functionality and marketing plans. Are you interested in such a service for your company at this time?
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What is your primary market focus?
Which of the following additional income/revenue sources or conduits are in use by your company? (Please check all that apply.)
Do you have commission-based or other paid relationships with any 3rd party consultants, influencers, content providers, and/or subject matter experts, etc.?
Do you offer a free version of your product?
Does your company put on its own Conferences and/or coordinate local meetups for Customer Success professionals?
Does your company have its own online Customer/Product community discussion resource"
The Customer Success Association offers several options for CSTECH vendors to enhance their brand awareness across the international Customer Success community. These include preferred placement of enhanced logo-links on the pages of the CSA site, participation in video events, and access to ongoing research findings. Would you like to receive more information regarding these options?
For the following list of categories, please check all that apply for your product -- but remember that in order to be included in a specific category on the TechMap, you must have specific content on your company website that describes how a Customer Success group would use your product for that purpose. NOTE: In order to be included in the CSP/CSMS Category, you *must* complete the question after this one: CSP Features.
CSPs / CSMS: In order to be included in the CSP category, you must completely identify the specified features and functionality of your product below/ Does your product inherently support: