Customer Success Publications

The quantity of articles about the emerging profession of Customer Success Management began to dramatically increase in 2012 and the growth in coverage continues to expand.  Here is a list of various customer success publications that are known at this time — please let us know of any that should be added.

CSIndex-TM-URLExecutive Members of the Customer Success Association have access to The Customer Success Index, which provides a curated list of links to the best online content currently available.  For more information about the CSI, click here.

Independent Customer Success Publications

Customer Success Technology Vendor Blogs

Customer Success Advisors Blogs

The Customer Success Index

The Customer Success Index is a list of pertinent articles about the profession and practice of Customer Success Management, organized into sections for Strategy, Process, People and Technology.  The Index includes links to white papers and resources of various kinds as well as blog and magazine articles.  The CSI is a resource of the Customer Success Library, and may be viewed by Executive and Research members of the Customer Success Association. For more information about the Index, click here or use this URL directly.