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Founded in 2012, our mission is to assist the development of the profession of Customer Success by providing various resources and links to critical information. As an Executive Member, you have access to every page on the site.  This is your new CSA homepage, where you will begin each visit after logging into the site.  For quick navigation, use the main dropdown menu at the top right of every page.

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Under the Main Pages tab, you’ll find more dropdown entries for  the Customer Success Library, Index, FAQ, Wiki, Customer Success Central blog and a description of The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn.  Under the Resources tab,  there are further dropdown menus for Office Hours, CS Technology, Consultants, Trainers, Recruiters, Outsourcers, and  Recommended Reading.  This menu appears at the top of every page on the site,

If you are not already a member of The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn, we strongly recommend it. The Forum is unique in that the spam, selling, and content marketing that infest almost all other LI groups is not permitted. What you’ll see in The Forum are serious topics and commentary, a monthly Jobs board, the Customer Success Calendar, and a standing topic for all things of interest to CSMs. With nearly 60K international members, we are the largest and most active gathering of Customer Success executive professionals anywhere in the world. Click here to go to The Forum.

Office Hours

To meet the needs of Customer Success Executives, the C-Suite, and the Board, we offer direct responses to specific requests for data and analysis. We call this resource Office Hours, and it’s based on over 12 years of in-depth research and analysis into all facets of the developing profession, practice, and community.  For more information, please click here.


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