Customer Success Central:  A New Beginning

In early 2012, the Customer Success Association was formally established.  It had grown out of two years of a local meeting group around the San Francisco Bay area and the online conversations in The Customer Success Forum.  The topics and questions being discussed seemed to be coming up all across the growing global Customer Success community.  “What do you do if…?”  What is the best way to deal with the situation when…?” “Does anybody have a template that they could share for introducing a CSM to the customer — doing a QBR — Getting Sales to give you the information about the customer —?”  The purpose of the Association was to build a central point for the sharing of expertise and resources.

It’s now mid 2018, and the while the number of the questions and inquirers have skyrocketed, and the possible sources of information in blogs and vendor websites have proliferated beyond count, the same subjects are still in demand.  How do I explain what Customer Success is to my colleagues and the senior management team of my company?  To my customers?  How should it be measured, structured, led?  The challenge is not a lack of information, the difficulty is in finding and accessing it.

The CSA website will see well over 100K new visitors this year, and on LinkedIn, The Customer Success Forum membership is over 31,000 and continuing to grow at an ever faster rate.  The site has now been redesigned to make the existing content more accessible.  The Customer Success Library is being expanded to extend the range of  independent resources.

The goal for Customer Success Central is to become a source for commentary by writers from all points of the profession.  The audience is here, and more will be coming.  Do you have answers for them that you’re willing to share?  If so, please contact me about becoming a contributor.

Mikael Blaisdell

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