Customer SuccessCon: Advisors and Faculty

Customer Success By Design

From its beginning in late 2013, Customer SuccessCon has been a different kind of professional conference.  Intentionally designed to facilitate the direct exchange of knowledge and the building of personal networks for continuing conversations, the size of the audience for each event is never more than 100 people.  There are no powerpoint slide decks to hide behind, no videos or pounding intro music, flashing spotlights and speakers vanishing off-stage at the end; just recognized experts of the profession interactively sharing their knowledge, vision and tactics with peers at all levels.  Presentation topics cover all aspects of the strategy, process, people, and technology of Customer Success, and are selected and refined to fit the ever-developing needs of the professional community.

While some of our speakers are from CS technology vendors, there are no thinly disguised product demos being delivered.  All topics are approved in advance, and the presenters are veteran Customer Success leaders — not marketing or sales representatives.

Behind the Scenes: The Customer SuccessCon Advisors

Program development is a never-ending process with Customer SuccessCon.  We don’t “recycle” presentations from other events.  Because the conferences are smaller and shorter by design, we don’t have the insatiable need for a lot of different sessions and topics to fill up the day(s).  To assist in the identification and review process for selecting subjects, there is an informal group of Advisors — senior Customer Success executives and consultants who lend their expertise and their deep knowledge of the profession and of its worldwide community to the task.

Customer Success professionals attending a Customer SuccessCon session