How can I get my first Customer Success Manager job?

This is a very popular question as people hear of Customer Success and realize that it’s the kind of job they’ve always wanted.  But getting that first customer success job can be a challenge.

The prime attribute of a Customer Success Manager is domain expertise, knowing a field (e.g. fleet management, sales management, healthcare operations, financial services, etc.) well enough to serve as a trusted advisor to others in that field.  The next most important attribute is knowledge of the customers.

In order to “move into Customer Success,” start by identifying your domain expertise.  The next step is to look around for companies that offer products and or services into that vertical market, and begin to talk to them about how your expertise could be useful.

Attending local Customer Success meetings can also be effective, as CS executives may be there looking for candidates.  Read blog posts, and The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn to familiarize yourself with the language of Customer Success.