What is the Process/Workflow of a Customer Success Group?

The Process or Workflow of a Customer Success Group are the normal range of activities that the individual Customer Success Managers do as they work to increase adoption of the product and to build more sustainable, proven value for their customers.  These activities include such things as telephone calls, online conferences, site visits, analysis of product feature usage patterns, general research into a customer’s company and/or business, meetings with other teams within the company, etc.

It is very important to be able to tie all such activities back to the mission of the Customer Success team, to understand the role of each in increasing value to both the Customers and the Company.

Customer Success Process Data

As much as possible, Customer Success teams should keep track of their utilization across the range of activities of the group.  All activities should be grouped into categories, and within each category, gather data on volume (number of times the activity is done), duration (how long does the activity last?), frequency (how often is the task/activity done?), priority (what is the importance of the activity?) triggers (what causes the activity to need to be done?) and outcome (What is the deliverable for the activity?  How do you know that it is complete?).

Customer Success Process