What Would Be Your Top 3 Interview Questions for a Candidate CSM?

  1. What evidence do you have that speaks to your domain expertise and credibility in my company’s vertical market? Conference presentations, blog articles, white papers, certifications earned, awards received — please describe your professional background that would suggest to my customers that you should have the standing of a trusted advisor for their business.
  2. Please describe the proven economic value that you have assisted customers to realize in your work with them, and how you accomplished it. (They should answer in terms of how they got the customer to define value in the customers’ terms and what they did to prove that value/outcome was realized.)
  3. Please describe how you expanded the customer relationships to build more proven economic value for your previous company, to increase the ROI for your employer from your work.

All three of these are vital issues. The mission of customer success is to increase sustainable proven value for both the customer and the company. If they can’t speak the language of profitability for both fluently, it’s unlikely that they will be successful as a trusted advisor in either direction.