Customer Success Recruiters

To assist both hiring managers and potential applicants, the Customer Success Association maintains a Registry of Customer Success recruiters and firms specializing in the field.  If you are a recruiter offering services to the customer success community, please fully complete the application form found on this link(There is no charge for a basic listing, which consists of your company name and a link to the appropriate page of your website.)

 Customer Success Connect

Networked people SMOne of the challenges of recruiting in the Customer Success space is that everybody uses the same language to describe what often in fact turns out to be very different roles.  This is especially true of position descriptions for Customer Success executive leaders— it’s not unknown for one company to simply copy the announcement of another with but slight changes in wording.  The result is that just publishing an open position doesn’t tend to bring that opportunity to the attention of the best candidates.

While The Customer Success Association does not do recruiting in the typical form of actively presenting specific candidates  to hiring managers and companies, we do offer a service to help hiring companies connect with a greater  and more qualified pool of executive prospects.  The outcome of a Connect project is an accurate, validated description of the position to be filled and publication of that opportunity to the greatest number of qualified Customer Success professionals worldwide.  To find out what a Customer Success Connect engagement could do to accelerate and optimize your company’s CS leadership recruiting program, please schedule a complimentary Office Hours conversation.

Customer Success Recruiters

The following firms offer recruiting services to the customer success community:

Customer Imperative

Voyant Consulting LLC