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While the majority of Customer Success groups have become directly involved with managing income streams and profitability over the past 5 years, there has been little real discussion to date about the issues of actually proving the value of Customer Success to either the Customers or to the Company in tangible financial terms.  For 2019 and beyond, the Value Provability of Customer Success will be the focus of the Customer SuccessCon program.

Why and how should you directly discuss Return On Investment with your customers? What is billable Customer Success and why should your company be offering it as a product? For software companies, what income streams/channels should be owned and managed by the CS group?  The Profitability Blueprint is about taking your Customer Success group to the level of strategic corporate significance.

The Customer SuccessCon Schedule

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10th September 2019 – London, UK

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18th November 2019 – Berkeley, CA

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13th January 2020 – Seattle, WA

March 2020 – Boston, MA

June 2020, Denver, CO

September 2020 – London, UK

November 2020 – Berkeley, CA

Attendees at a Customer SuccessCon event, seated at tables