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A Draft Mission and Operating Plan for a startup’s CSM program/team

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Contributor’s comments:

I think CS as a domain emphasizes proactivity. I think as a group/function, you have to proactively define your vision and be committed to updating/improving it as experience happens.  I intend to use the mission statement to help focus our team activities. We are focused on onboarding and usage (adoption) right now. I believe if we do these things, we’ll have better retention. As we approach retention challenges and learn from those, I’ll update it and add other stuff to it.

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We build long term advocates by ensuring customers smoothly adopt and deeply leverage our solutions.

Management Objectives – Onboarding Phase

  • 100% of all accounts are on boarded per the customer on boarding plan and our guidelines
  • A customer success plan is published within 2 weeks of finalizing an agreement.
  • Accounts are prepared within 2 weeks of finalizing an agreement.
  • Key project members are trained within 30 days of project start for all customers.
  • Users are trained per the custom success plan.
  • At least 2 champions per department will be identified in which to invest per customer.

Management Objectives – After Go-Live

  • 90% of all users are using our product per the success plan.
  •  Usage reports sent every week to project sponsors.
  •  Follow-up conversations are held every with sponsors to review usage reports
  •  100% of all users are aware of ongoing training opportunities.
  • We provide weekly summary reports of customer feedback to internal stakeholders.

Management Objectives – Customer Support

  • 100% response to customer requests within 24 hours.
  •  90% of all questions are resolved within 48 hours.  All questions resolved within 72 hours.
  • We will achieve at least 90% satisfactory rating on question processing.

Retention Metrics

  • 90% of all customers who meet adoption criteria renew their subscriptions


  • We identify champions and invest in their success
  •  We chronicle the customer’s journey
  • We grow advocates.