The Future of Customer Success – A Catalyst eBook

In February 2020 (carefully spacing people 6+ feet apart!), Catalyst Software hosted over 50 Customer Success leaders to discuss Customer Success: The Next 10 Years.  Topics that arose from the discussions include:

  • Managing Customers at scale
  • Collaborating with different company functions
  • Automation
  • Presenting to boards and leadership
  • Achieving Trusted Advisor status

“The common thread between all of the leaders is the belief that Customer Success belongs at the center of the company.”

One of the CS leaders present was Kristi Faltorusso, who noted:  “For the first time, Customer Success has a real seat at the table and a voice that is being heard.  This shift is been critical because whether organizations acknowledge it or not, CS is at the center of every company.  CS is responsible for revenue, and CS is responsible for customers achieving their value-driven outcomes.”

The visions of the leaders and the discussions have been collected into an e-Book published by Catalyst Software.  The three main findings are:

    1. Customer Success will experience an increase in influence over revenue and new business decisions as well as more buy-in and collaboration across the organization.”
    2. Advances in automation will allow Customer Success to go much deeper into measuring customer engagement, performing sentiment analysis, and customizing the customer’s journey of experience.”
    3. There will be more specialization within Customer Success organizations, which will vary based on employees’ skill-sets and levels of experience (i.e., CS operations, industry specialist, etc.)

Iamge of woman holding the moon as a crystal ball in her handseBook Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: The Last Ten Years
    • Chapter 2: Predictions
    • Chapter 3: The Future of Metrics
    • Chapter 4: Getting CS to the Center of Your Company
    • Chapter 5:  Play Time
    • Chapter 6:  Automation
    • Chapter 7:  The Future of Customer Success


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