The Questions of Customer Success: Technology

Building the Customer Success Technology Suite

Customer Success TechnologyWhat tools will need to be included in your Customer Success Technology suite?  How will the team address Value Management for both customers and company?  Will the Customer Success Managers be able to see in real time how the customers are actually using the features and functions of the product?  If there are significant changes in a customer’s business or company, will the Customer Success team be alerted?

Will the Customer Success executive leadership have the technological resources to manage the team as a whole as well as the effectiveness of its individual members?

Another core aspect of creating a scaleable Customer Success team is building effective Self-Success resources for the customers to use on their own whenever they wish.  It’s not enough, however, to just create these resources — their usage, effectiveness and popularity also need to be monitored and managed.

The questions in the Technology section will lead you through the key factors to be considered in designing and building a powerful Customer Success Technology suite.  For a list of the vendors that offer products in the various functional categories, please visit the Customer Success Technologies page by clicking here.

To see a list of all known vendors of Customer Success Management Technology, click here.


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