Post a Job

In order to list a Customer Success job announcement to the Customer Success Jobs Board, you’ll first need to be logged in as at least an Associate/free member of the Customer Success Association.  There is no charge for listing a job.  You can also list requests for Customer Success Consultants to assist you with the design and building of your team, and/or equipping it with appropriate technologies.

Next, you’ll enter the following information items

Job title

Examples: Customer Success Manager.  Customer Success Executive.  Customer Success Operations Analyst.  Customer Success Consultant.


If the position is for someone who can work remotely, leave this field blank.  Otherwise, fill in City/State/Country.  eg: San Francisco, CA

Job type

Here is where you’ll enter the job type or category.  Options include:

    • Customer Success Executive (team leadership)
    • Customer Success Managers (Practitioner/Customer-facing)
    • Customer Success Operations
    • Customer Success Consultant

Description (Duties/responsibilities, performance metrics, etc.)

In this text box, enter the description of the position.  You don’t need to go into a lot of detail, but give enough so that a job seeker is motivated to click on your link to learn more.

Link to application page

This is the URL link to the page on your website where the job seeker can post an application to be considered for the position.

Company name

This is required.  While job postings by recruiters are permitted at present, direct company listings are preferred.

Company general website

Put the link to the main page of your company website for general information. This is an optional field.


If your company uses a marketing tagline, eg: We’re the best company to work for! — enter it here.  This is an optional field.


Some companies create videos about their job postings or other information.  If you have a video, put the link here. This is an optional field.

Twitter username

This is an optional field.  If you want to put a Twitter username in to be associated with your company or the job offer, put it here.


You may upload your company logo to be posted along with your job announcement. This is an optional field.

What Happens Next

When you submit your completed post, it will go into a review queue.  When cleared for publication, the listing will then be visible to all visitors.  It can be searched by keywords and/or location.

The listed job announcement will remain visible for 21 days.  An email will be sent to you when the job listing is about to expire, so that you can renew it if it is still open.


Post a Job