Speaking at Customer SuccessCon

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Speaking at Customer SuccessCon events

The goal of Customer SuccessCon is to build connections between executive leaders of the profession through conversations about core aspects of Customer Success group management.  The audience is CS executives — VP’s, Directors, Heads of CS and Managers of Customer Success (rather than customer-facing CSM’s).  We also typically have some C-level types (CEO/COO/CCO’s) and the occasional VC/Investor partners as well.  There are a maximum of 100 attendees for each event.

Business people at Customer SuccessCon LondonEach conference has three types of speaking roles.  The first is as a panelist for the initial keynote session about the ongoing research of the Customer Success Association.  The ideal panelists are people with high credibility from their standing in the worldwide customer success community as thought leaders and direct experience as senior executive leadership of customer success groups in a variety of companies.  The other two roles are as leaders of focused sessions on either Case Studies or Best Practices.

Customer SuccessCon Focus Sessions: Case Studies

Case studies focus on how a particular company’s CS team dealt with a specific real-world challenge that customer success professionals will typically encounter.  For such sessions, the presenter will need to identify how the particular issue was perceived by the company and its effects.  What was the plan for dealing with the challenge?  What was done about it and why?  What were the outcomes, and what would you do differently next time?

To be considered for leadership of case study sessions, presenters should have in-depth experience of the topic and group discussion facilitation skills.

Customer SuccessCon Focus Sessions: Best Practices

Customer SuccessCon session leaderBest Practices sessions also focus on specific issues common to customer success teams.  The scope for these sessions is wider, covering the strategies and tactics used across a variety of companies.  The presenter should highlight and explain the differences in how the issue was perceived by different companies and what they did or are doing about it.

To be considered for leadership of Best Practices session, presenters should have direct in-depth expertise in the topic across multiple organizations as well as group discussion facilitation skills.  Consultants specializing in customer success are welcome to apply.

Customer SuccessCon Session Format

Each Customer SucccessCon session lasts for either 25 or 45 minutes.  Ideally, the first half to 3/4ths of a session will be on content delivery, followed by Q&A.  During the session, the goal of the presenter is to engage the audience as much as possible so that the discussion becomes a workshop/consultative activity not only between the attendees and the leader, but also between the attendees themselves.

All Customer SuccessCon sessions are “unplugged” — no slide decks or videos.  Presenters are encouraged to provide worksheets or printed handouts as appropriate, and/or to share papers electronically before or after the event.

Customer SuccessCon Topics

Preferred topics for Customer SuccessCon events focus on specific issues and challenges likely to be encountered by most customer success executive leaders.  Examples include:

  • The First Year of a CS team
  • Redefining the role of a CS team
  • Building/improving relationships with Sales, Marketing, Development, Product Marketing
  • Scaling Customer Success teams
  • Self-Success; How to automate CS functions
  • The Business of Customer Success – how to operate as a profit center, etc.

Please note that motivational presentations or overly general subjects will not be accepted for Customer SuccessCon events.

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