The Customer Success Navigators

What is the definition of Customer Success Management as a role/profession?  What are the basic capabilities that a CS Group/Team should have?  How are the metrics applied to the performance of those groups to be defined?  In the fast proliferation of companies establishing Customer Success teams and programs, there are very many different answers to these questions.  But as approaches and ideas are tested by emerging CS teams, another question is constantly heard.  How is everybody else doing the various key aspects of CSM and why?

The general conferences of the CS Community, like Customer SuccessCon Boston/Berkeley/Seattle/Denver/London and the two large vendor-run events are excellent places for CS executives to meet and to gather insights and innovations.   To further those conversations, and to expand the sharing of knowledge, the Customer Success Association is starting a new opportunity for extending professional knowledge.

Definition: The Customer Success Navigators

The Customer Success Navigators program is part of the CSA’s Customer Success Standards Initiative.  Each CS Navigator working group will consist of no more than 25 CS executives focused on common challenges and issues of building and optimizing CS teams.

The Navigators program has two purposes.  The first is to provide opportunities to work closely together on common challenges with other Customer Success executives in a facilitated setting.  The second is to further the development of the Customer Success Standards specification.

The CS Navigators program is designed for Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers of Customer Success teams.  For more information, please contact us.

The Elements of Customer Success Management

Elements-of-CSM-SMAll across the global Customer Success Community, companies and executives are working to begin, build and improve their teams and operations.  The Elements of Customer Success Management program was designed as an accelerator, a method to identify and to avoid common pitfalls and roadblocks that have been experienced by others going through the same journey.

There are three key tasks that challenge every Customer Success team in its initial phase of development.  The first is to appropriately set and manage perceptions and expectations, both of the customers and of the rest of the company.  The second is to establish a clear and necessary connection to significant revenue streams and profitability.  The third is to gather, analyze and use the right data to fulfill the group’s mission.

The Elements program will primarily be conducted online via interactive forum resources.

The Elements Of Customer Success Management program is also available on-site, customized to the company’s needs.  Followup comments / questions may be sent to Mikael Blaisdell via the Contact form here.