Elements-of-CSM-SM1.jpgThe Customer SuccessCon Program

Customer SuccessCon is an extended conversation about the present and the future of the profession of Customer Success.  For 2018, the program keynote presentations will focus on The Customer Success Blueprint, an overview of the key aspects of designing and building out an effective Customer Success group.  The breakout sessions, Case Studies and Best Practices, will go deeper into the specific techniques and experiences involved in maximizing the capabilities and the profitability potential of your group.

The CS Blueprint:  Strategy, Process, People, and Technology

The starting point for any customer success initiative is Strategy, how the team’s role is defined and understood by both the customers and your own company.  Setting appropriate expectations for both is the #1 challenge facing all CS teams worldwide.  The Process of the team, the daily activities of every member of the group need to have a clear connection back to that perceived role.  Where are the internal and external Points of Engagement for a Customer Success team?  What specific authorities do CS execs hold, and how are they used?  

Strategy and Process in turn determine the People aspects of an effective Customer Success team.  Where should the team be placed in the overall corporate organizational structure?  What are the skills and knowledges needed; how should individuals be recruited and trained?

Scalability is the second greatest challenge that all Customer Success teams struggle to overcome.  The key to scaling a CS team lies in its Technology, the tools and metrics that are needed to keep the whole structure aligned and producing the ultimate value goals.

Case Studies:

Presented by seasoned Customer Success executive leaders, the Case Study sessions focus on what is being done in companies like yours, how it’s working, and how it can be made even better.  The sessions are “unplugged” — no slides — and set up for small audiences and maximum interactivity.

Best Practices:

In these presentations, some of the most experienced and visionary thought leaders in the Customer Success Community will tell you how they view the key factors and methodologies of the profession.  Best Practices sessions are also “unplugged” and are designed for optimum levels of participation.

And Beyond…

When the Customer SuccessCon presentations and working sessions are done for the day, the conversation doesn’t stop.  Join the more than 30,000 professionals worldwide in The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn to continue the discussion.  Review the resources in The Customer Success Library.  Local and online events for continuing development may be found in The Customer Success Calendar.  Check out the range of available tools in the Customer Success Technology list.