Procedure: The Transition From Sales to Customer Success

The following Procedure was written for a standard process found in B2B software firms to cover the transition in account leadership from Sales to Customer Success.

Not every company will have all of these roles or steps in the process.  What follows should therefore be considered a generic template, to be modified as appropriate.


The RACI methodology is used in the management of this Procedure, where

(R) = Responsible for the work
(A) = Accountable for completion of work
(C) = Consulted for input on the work
(I) = Informed when the work is complete


  • The lead Sales Rep for the deal
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Professional Services / Onboarding Rep
  • Professional Services / Onboarding Manager
  • Assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM)
  • Customer Success Executive/ team lead

General Notes:

Ideally, preparation for the transition should begin early in the prospect qualification process with the Sales Rep and the Sales Engineer collecting data about the prospect as they go along.  It is advisable where appropriate that the CSM be involved as early as possible either in the Sales Engineer role or assisting the SE and Sales Rep.


  1. Identify all significant people of the customer organization  (Champions, decision-makers, influencers, detractors, potential power-users, etc.)
  2. Document the ROI analysis / data that was used by Sales during the sales process
  3. Document everything the customer asked for during the sales process.  This includes all desired outcomes.
  4. Document all promises made to the customer by Sales
    1. Statement of Work (SOW) if any
    2. Contractural obligations
    3. Scope of Sale: if modular, which specific modules were included?
    4. Renewal terms and conditions, if specified in the contract
  5. Document all perceptions of the Sales team about the customer, especially as regards likelihood to renew or expand, whether a “tough” customer or an easy sale, decision-making quirks, if any, etc.
  6. Introduce the CSM(s) and CS Exec, to the Customer
  7. Explain the mission and goals of the CS group
  8. Define the CSM role and responsibilities
  9. Document  and present the customer’s expectations (desired business goals), priorities and timeline, and get agreement that the statement is correct..  This is the beginning of the Customer Success Plan that will be updated and modified as the relationship continues.
  10. Document the Customer’s tasks and responsibilities, and the timeline for completion
  11. Identify and introduce any other Company roles (e.g. Support, Training, etc., and explain procedures for contacting such people.

Version 1.0 9/3/2019
Status: First draft